“Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their package at different times.”

Every child develops at their own pace. And sometimes, they need professional support. Anykind is a platform for children and young adults who experience developmental and educational issues.  We offer teachers and parents guidance to support the children and young adults around them. We work with psychologists, pedagogues, remedial teachers and many other healthcare workers stationed in The Netherlands, ready to help, assess and guide.

Since 2003, Anykind has a psychology and pedagogy practice in The Hague called Buro Leerlingenhulp (BLH). At BLH, we diagnose, treat and support those that need our help. We have expanded to Utrecht, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, Groningen, Drente, Wassenaar, Groningen en Amersfoort. BLH has grown into a practice that helps over 900 people per year!

Right now, Anykind is developing a syllabus aimed to educate social workers in Sri Lanka. This new professional-oriented programme is being developed in collaboration with the University College Leuven Limburg (UCLL), two Sri Lankan universities, and the Sri Lankan practice-field (represented by Child Action Lanka). From April to August 2022, multiple volunteers from BLH are traveling to Sri Lanka to come into action and teach this syllabus to the social workers.

Our goal is to help children all over the world by educating social workers in child and youth work. This way, the information will not get lost once we leave. With the help of our wonderful volunteers and contributors, a real change can be made.

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