Our services for expat scholars

About BLH

BLH is available for kids who are stuck in their development and who experience trouble because of that. In day to day life, at school, at home or at the sports club.

The psychologists and behavioral specialists at BLH, assess and guide children with learning disabilities, social and emotional problems and behavioral issues and disorders. They do this at several permanent locations throughout The Netherlands and school, at home or using Teams. Always in a personal, positive way, fitting to the child. On top of that, BLH is a connecting sparring partner for parents, guardians and educational professionals.

Our services
Personal guidance of children (0-21) – Weekly individual guidance at home, school or at one of our locations. Also, we offer (weekly) online sessions using Teams and e-mail. This way we are available for kids who live abroad or who are not able to visit one of our locations.

Assessment & Diagnosis
Our specialists assess and observe children and can diagnose. Based on this diagnosis, we can create a treatment plan. Parents will be part of this process.

Parent help
Personal guidance or coaching of parents who need help raising their children.

Homework guidance
Help with planning and executing schoolwork outside of school hours, at school or at one of our locations.

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