About BLH

Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their package at different times. BLH is available for children and young adults who are stuck in their development or who experience some serious problems in their well being in day to day life, at school, at home or at other places. Almost all of our services are available for English speaking children too.

The psychologists and behavioral specialists at BLH, assess and guide children with learning problems, social and emotional problems and behavioral issues and disorders. This will happen at one of our locations throughout The Netherlands , at school, at home or using online Teams. Always in a personal, positive way, subsequent to the child.

By seeing every child as unique and in all aspects, we offer an appropriate assistance to get the best out of it. Our help is personal and knowledgeable. Together with the child (and his/her environment), we are looking for the best solutions. It’s important to work from a base of self confidence, enough knowledge and skills.

Children can be registered by school or parents.

Our services

Personal guidance of children (0-21) – Weekly individual guidance at home, school or at one of our locations. Also, we offer (weekly) online sessions using Teams and e-mail. This way we are available for kids who are not able to visit one of our locations. On top of that, BLH is a connecting sparring partner for parents, guardians and educational professionals.

Assessment & Diagnosis
Our specialists assess and observe children and can diagnose. We have external partners to collaborate. Based on the assessment, we can create a treatment plan. Parents (and schools) will be part of this process.

Parent help
Personal guidance or coaching of parents who need help raising their children.

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